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Who is Blue Mechanic

Blue Mechanic Engineering Company

Started in 2011, producing since then slitter rewinder, flexo printing, lamination, coating, rotogravure machines and converting equipment in more than 15 countries.

Where can you find us:

The Blue Mechanic main office and showroom is located in a state of the art and modern office in Bacau Romania. From this offices we are coordinating all of our international export sales operations and we we do display our machines in a 1000 sqm showroom.

The Blue Mechanic Factory is located in the modern factory of Ikitelli Sinpaș, which has an installation of 2500 m2 and 1500m2 in Romania. It produces slitter rewinder,  flexo rewinder, lamination machine, coating and rotogravure machines.

We Build Long Lasting Relationships
Between Us and Our & Business Partners

We export more than 70 % of our production, establishing partnerships with many countries, creating significant value on an international scale and carrying out international projects.


True Professionals and

Top Suppliers

Blue Mechanic, by supplying the components that it uses in its productions from the leading companies in its field, demonstrates the importance it attaches to the product quality, and thanks to its experienced staff, it continues to be leader in the sector by completing many major projects in times that are unbeatable.


Blue Mechanic, places special importance on research and development activities and develops new functions, tasks and products to meet the requirements of the era as a responsibility, by providing proven high quality products and services, as well as producing economical and fast solutions with proven customer satisfaction values, the added value continually brought in international.



Hit Parc

HIT Industrial Park, Garii Street, Nr 100, Building A1 nr. 105, 607235, Hemeius, Bacau, Romania